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RA HA jewelry is lovingly made from gold, silver and brass by a small team on the west side of Providence, RI.    I think of each earring as an original drawing and each piece is assembled by hand and packaged just for you. 

   I didn't start out to make jewelry. I grew up painting and making clothing with my mother and then studied printmaking at RISD. My passion has always been drawing and exploring what can be conveyed by the quality of a line. I experimented owning a clothing store, working in printmaking, sculpture, graphic design and ceramics. Finally all of these interests came together when I stumbled onto jewelry which I have fallen in love with.   

   RA HA has been featured in Vogue.es, Time Out New York and assorted fashion blogs. 

You can purchase RA HA Jewelry in stores around the country: 

BulletinNew York, NYbulletin.co

Charm School Vintage
Austin, Texas

Hunting Ground
Baltimore, MD

Lore Collection
Providence RI

Niche Boutique
San Antonio TX

RISD Works
Providence, RI

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